Hibernate Performance Tuning Part 1 Article Published

Posted on December 01, 2009 by Scott Leberknight

I've just published an article in the November 2009 NFJS Magazine on Hibernate Performance Tuning. Here's the abstract:

Many developers treat Hibernate like a "black box" and assume it will simply "Do the Right Thing" when it comes to all things related to the underlying database. This is a faulty assumption because, while Hibernate is great at the mechanics of database interaction, it cannot and will likely not ever be able to figure out the specific details of your domain model and discern the most efficient and best performing data access strategies. In this first article of a two part series, I'll show you how to achieve better performance in your Hibernate applications by focusing on tuning object retrieval, which forms the basis of your "fetch plan" for finding and storing objects in the database.

If you are using Hibernate and want to know more about how to change how objects are fetched from the database, check it out and let me know what you think. Note that NFJS Magazine does require a subscription.

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